Choosing Best Softball Bat For 7 Year Old

Best Softball Bat For 7 Year Old

Slugger Omaha 2020, Marucci F5 2020, and Easton MAKO 11 are the three best softball bats for a 7 year old kid.

According to our research, these are the top softball bats than can prove useful for kids of 7 years old. They are the best fit for this age with respect to size and features.

For a better experience of your child, you have to buy a new softball bat every year because he grows one year. If your previous bat is still safe, you may use it for your other smaller kids.

We recommend you try to buy the best bat for your child because much of the game depends upon the equipment. If the equipment is good, there are more chances that your child will play well, no matter which game he is playing.

For your convenience, we have reviewed these softball bats shortly.

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Easton MAKO 11 – Fastpitch Softball Bat

Easton MAKO 11 - Fastpitch Softball Bat

Our top recommended softball bat for a 7-year-old child is Easton MAKO 11. This bat is durable with thin handle and comes at an affordable price.

This bat is crafted with Aluminum alloy that is quite durable and your child can use it for one year.

The ultra-thin handle of 29/32″ makes it perfect for your small child. It will be very easy to grip it with small hands and strong grip means strong hit.

Lightweight is another best feature that makes it fit for a small kid to swing it fast. This improves the experience and gives enjoyment if you can swing and hit with full power.

Easton MAKO 11 Fastpitch Softball Bat is approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, ISF, etc.

The bad thing about this bat is that it gets dented after you have used it for some time. Mostly it happens when a player of big age uses it and it may not get dents if only 7 years age player uses it. But it is durable enough to work easily for one year.

Finally, at very affordable price and with the demerit of dents, this is a perfect softball bat for a 7 year old player.

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Louisville Slugger Omaha 2020 – Coach Pitch Bat

Louisville Slugger Omaha 2020 - Coach Pitch Bat

The second best softball bat for a 7 year old player is Louisville Slugger Omaha 2020 that has balanced swing weight and great pop sound.

This bat has a big aluminum barrel and one-piece construction. One-piece construction is good for stiffer feel at contact and for more energy transfer but it may hurt your hands at mishits.

The leather grip makes it perfect for powerful hold on the bat. The better you have a grip on the bat, the better you can hit with it.

Pop of this bat gives you a pleasing feel when you make a contact and hear a pop sound. Pop is also considered one of the best features in the bats.

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Marucci F5 2020 – Big Barrel Bat

Marucci F5 2020 - Big Barrel Bat

Our last best softball bat for 7 year old players is Marucci f5 2020 that has a big barrel and balanced swing weight.

This bat also has a one-piece construction for a stiff feel but also hurts hands on mishits. Big barrel makes it easy to grip it perfectly.

Balanced swing weight also increases the performance of the player. You can swing quickly and reliably with comfort. Swing the bat completely is one of the most important steps in the player’s success.

Final Thoughts

You have read details about quality and features of 3 best softball bats for a 7 year old player. Now you can make a better decision.

You can go for any bat you love but if we recommend you once again then it is Easton MAKO 11 that we think is really a softball bat that a small kid of 7 years needs.

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